About Us

Thanks for visiting our About Us page! These are the members in our group now:

Our parents, Gregory & KariJoy, grew up in Michigan where they met and married. Papa graduated from Michigan State and Mama from Liberty University. Papa has an engineering consulting business and works mostly out of our home. He also enjoys preaching, playing his trumpet, and looking through his telescope on starry nights.  Mama loves our “Rocky Hills Farm” with all her fruit/nut trees and bushes–and especially the animals. (We gave her a baby pig for Mother’s Day 2019, and now sweet Charlotte has grown huge!)  Mama has fun playing her flutes and percussion for our group and learning the history behind the hymns we sing.

Hi—I’m Peter!  I play the piano for our group and like to arrange some of our songs.  I went to Pensacola Christian College and enjoy writing computer software as an independent developer.  I live next-door to my family and am having fun raising goats and chickens.  I enjoy teaching Sunday school at church and a young adult Bible study in my home.  I also like spending time with folks at the nursing homes where I teach Bible studies and play the piano.  One of my favorite hobbies is bike riding.

Hi! I’m Priscilla! I am a private piano and violin teacher. I love it! Since I teach from home, I have more time to hang out with my family and do things around the farm. I have some chickens and three adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats named Ellie, Ola, and Buster. This year Susanna and I started a business called Simply G.O.A.T., where we make and sell homemade goat milk soap and other skincare products. I’ve been having so much fun learning all about it! In my spare time, I enjoy reading, sewing, and baking cookies. Whenever I get the chance, I also love hiking in the mountains, skiing, biking, and going on other adventures with my siblings and friends.

Hi, I’m Deborah! I play the harp and sing soprano for our group.  I graduated from Regent University with an English degree, and I love writing in my spare time.  In addition to working as a nanny, I’m also an event harpist.  Some other things I like to do are practicing guitar, finding new coffee shops, hanging out on the farm with my family, learning about how to raise my heifer calf, and hiking (especially if it’s in the mountains). 🙂

Luke–God has blessed me with a great family. We love to be together and that is one of my favorite things about us.  Involved in the fight for America’s political future best describes what I do full time. From serving on the Laurens County Council, to serving as Chairman of the Laurens County Republican Party, to also working for Governor Ron DeSantis – I keep busy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! God is not through with America and it’s up to us to engage in the fight while there is still time.

Hi! My name is Susanna. Something I love about living on our farm is having a variety of things to keep me busy! One of the things that I’ve been doing recently is making goat’s milk soap with Priscilla and selling it in our community. It’s been a fun learning experience, and I love all the different fragrances (especially the coffee one). I am also a home baker and am having fun baking treats and getting to meet new people! In my free time, I enjoy baking with Mama and my sisters, learning how to grow things, hiking, reading, and spending time with my family.

Hey, I’m Phebe! I graduated from high school last year, and am praying for God’s will in my life. I’ve also been praying about taking some online college classes soon. But for now, working around our family farm (and keeping my dog, Afina, out of trouble) keeps me busy! I love music, hikes, adventure, animals, frozen custard, and sprinkles! But most of all, I love hanging out with my family!