About Us

Thanks for visiting our About Us page! These are the members in our group now:

Our parents, Gregory and KariJoy, grew up in Michigan where they met and married. Papa graduated from Michigan State and Mama from Liberty University. Papa has an engineering consulting business. He also enjoys teaching a Bible Fellowship class at church, preaching at our nursing home ministry, and playing his trumpet.  Mama cooks the best homemade meals ever!  She loves her flowers and fruit/nut trees as well as all our farm animals. She always wanted a baby pig, so we gave her one for Mother’s Day!  Mama enjoys her ladies’ prayer group at church and has fun playing the flute, percussion, and learning the history behind the hymns we sing.  They have been homeschooling for 25 years!

Hi—I’m Peter!  I play the piano for our group and like to arrange some of our songs.  I went to Pensacola Christian College and enjoy writing software as an independent developer.  I had a local contractor finish the house I started next door to the family!  I like spending time with folks at a nursing home where I teach Bible studies and where our family does music.

Hi! I’m Priscilla! I am the oldest daughter. I graduated from Pensacola Christian College with an education degree and now teach private music lessons and classes. Since I mostly teach from home, I can “go to work” wearing socks! 😁 Some fun things I love to do are baking with my sisters, reading and learning, hanging out with my family, and playing with my favorite kitten. I also love being involved in our church by playing in the orchestra, singing, and helping with VBS and other events.

Hi, I’m Deborah! I graduated this past May, 2020, with a bachelor’s degree in English and a concentration in writing. Some things I like to do are writing short stories, hiking, singing, horseback riding, and raising chickens. Now that I’ve graduated, I am prayerfully seeking God’s will for my future. I am hoping to go into freelance writing at some point. I am also planning to start my own beef cattle business soon.

HI! I’m Luke and I love to sing with my family. When I’m not singing, you can find me hanging out with them or learning my new-found sport I have begun to love – golf!  Perhaps the craziest and most incredible life event I have experienced this year was my recent election win for a seat on the Laurens County Council.  The Lord laid it on my heart to run in late 2019, and now I look forward to seeing what God will do in our county and country.

Hey!  My name is Susanna, and I play the violin and piano, and I sing as well.  I have fun playing my violin in our church orchestra with a few of my siblings! I am 17 and recently graduated from high school! I am praying about possibly becoming a medical sonographer. Some things I really enjoy doing are baking and cooking with Mama, reading, and spending time with my family. I have also loved being able to volunteer with a local Good News Club for the past few years.

Hi! I’m Phebe and I am 16 years old. I love music, and I play the piano, violin, some banjo, and I also love to sing.  My favorite subject in school is science (especially biology!).  I also enjoy studying astronomy and botany. I’m hopefully going to become a nurse (although I don’t know which kind yet).  Some of my favorite things to do are riding our horses, cooking, drawing new sketches, and playing in our church orchestra!