Clinton First Pentecostal Holiness Church, Clinton, SC

Thank you for inviting our family to do a patriotic service at your church! Y’all were such a friendly congregation, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to worship the Lord and celebrate America with you all.

Papa with your pastor, Mark Entrekin

Langston Baptist Church, Clinton, SC

What an an amazing 4th of July service with a great packed-out crowd!  The food afterwards was delicious.  The fireworks at the end of the evening were spectacular.  Thanks to ALL of you that made the evening possible and so special for our family.  We are blessed!

New Hope Baptist Church, Clinton, SC

Thank you for having my brother, Luke, speak at your church.  Everyone was so friendly to us, and we loved how vibrant and exciting the service was!

Also, I especially enjoyed the Francis Scott Key video on the background story of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER.

Luke with Pastor: David English

Carolina Gardens, Laurens, SC

Thank you, Tommy and Debra Donnan, for inviting us to join you in your ministry.  We had fun playing our instruments and singing.  It was a joy to see the residents’ smiles–they were contagious!

Laurens County Republican Party Kick-Off Meeting @ Lighthouse Baptist Church, Enoree, SC

Thank you to the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist, Enoch Wilson, for allowing us to use your facilities.

Luke did a great job leading the meeting, and Peter did a terrific job playing The Star Spangled Banner on the piano!

From left to right: Tony Foster, Pastor and Guest Speaker; SC State Senator Danny Verdin; US Congressman Jeff Duncan; Laurens County Councilman and Laurens County Republican Party Chairman Luke Rankin; SC State Representative Doug Gilliam; and SC State Representative Stewart Jones

Governor’s Mansion, Columbia, SC

Our “Singing Councilman” Luke had a blast at the Governor’s Mansion over the weekend for dinner and meetings!

Luke with Governor Henry McMaster
Luke playing with Mac, the McMaster’s bulldog

Lanford Baptist Church, Enoree, SC

Thank you for inviting our family to come to your church and put on a concert.  We had a lot of fun and appreciated your helping spirit in getting us set up.  The fellowship after was not only delicious, but sweet.  You have a special church family.

Papa with Richard Cain, Pastor

Spring Recital, Clinton, SC

Priscilla held her annual piano and violin spring recital last night.  What a packed out crowd!  Thank you to all of the students who worked hard and for those that brought delicious refreshments!

Our 3 Violinists

Greenville Place Mother’s Day Concert!

Thank you for inviting us to provide the music for your Mother’s Day celebration!  We had a lot of fun, and it was great meeting the residents’ family members.  The punch was delicious!

Langston Baptist Church, Clinton, SC

What a wonderful day of rejoicing in God’s house yesterday as we celebrated the grand reopening of Langston Baptist Church! We had a really good crowd, and the vigorous singing of the old hymns of the faith rang out loudly. We felt God’s Holy Spirit in a powerful way, and all praise and glory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ. The meal following was excellent, and many stayed and fellowshipped long after the dinner. It was a day that will remain etched in our memories. God is so good.

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville SC—Bible Conference!

We had a great time attending your Bible Conference on Thursday and Friday night.  Thank you for asking us to sing.  What a lively and friendly crowd!  It was a blessing to us, and we enjoyed going out to eat with some of your young people afterwards.

First Baptist Church, Cross Hill, SC

You all are “sweet”—no pun intended!  Ya’ll know what we mean!  That was a great dessert social afterwards.  Wow!   Thank you for having us come sing and play our instruments for your 5th Sunday Night Sing.  You are one of our favorite crowds—so friendly to our family, and it was a really fun evening.