Davidson Street Baptist Church

We enjoyed having the opportunity to sing and play our instruments for your evening service. We were happy to see a few of our friends there as well!  Your church has a very friendly atmosphere.  🙂  Thank you for having us!

Jonesville Baptist Church

Thank you for inviting us to perform at your church.  You all were so friendly, and you have a very beautiful church.  We greatly appreciated the assistance you gave with moving our equipment.  🙂

Faith Baptist Church

Thank you, Tab and Gloria, for inviting us to sing, play our instruments, and then having Daddy preach one of the nights at your summer revival. We were happy to be able to meet the singing group Abishai and get to know them better afterwards at the restaurant with others from your church. We really had a GREAT time!! Thank you! You are a special couple, and our family loves you both!

Refuge Baptist Church

Thank you for inviting our family to come and play our instruments, sing, and hear Daddy preach. If the saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” really is true—then ya’ll must be very godly people! Just joking–but your church was definitely the cleanest we’ve ever been in. Thanks again for having us. We had fun!

Your pastor, Heath Bowie

Grace Baptist Church

Thank you for inviting our family back to sing and play for your Independence Day celebration! God has blessed us with America, and more importantly, Jesus Christ. The preachers said some really good things! The meal afterwards was really good. 🙂 We will pray for the serious requests that were mentioned. May the Lord bless you!

Released Time Fundraiser

Thank you for inviting our family to do some of the music at the Released Time Fundraiser! The mountains were beautiful! The cookies were great! 🙂 Some of us are involved in a Good News Club in Greenville, so we support Released Time programs.

Luke with Melodyaires’s bass, Steve Barnett

Piedmont Park Baptist Church

Thank you for having our family come back and perform at your homecoming again! We had a great time. Your church has a very friendly atmosphere. The food afterwards was scrumptious!! It was great seeing the Wampoles and the Geise family there. Thank you, Mrs. Atkins, for sending us pictures! 🙂

First Baptist Church

Thank you, First Baptist Church in Cross Hill, SC, for inviting our family to play and sing at your 5th Sunday Night Sing!  Daddy enjoyed preaching as well.  We had a fun time.  You have a beautiful church.  The meal afterwards hit the spot!  The miniature hot dogs were really good!  Also, the chocolate cupcakes were scrumptious! 🙂  It was nice to have the young men of the church taking down our equipment.  That helped!  Thanks!


Papa and children with pastor, Brett Davis

Trinity Springs Church of God

Thank you, Trinity Springs Church of God in Anderson, SC, for inviting our family to sing for your Homecoming service. The water fountain in front of the church was very pretty! We liked the speaker’s analogy about the tares and the wheat. It was great to see the Davis’ there!!  🙂 Thanks!

Papa with the pastor, James Petty

Faith Baptist Church

We had a fun time at Faith Baptist Church in Laurens. We kids have known the pastor for a while, and we were excited for the opportunity to go to his church to sing and play our instruments. Thank you! We liked your sermon on The Last Words of Five Men from the Bible.

Papa with the pastor, William Cole

New Beginning Baptist Church

Our family had a great time performing at New Beginning Baptist Church in Waterloo! Your church was one of the friendliest that we’ve ever been to! 🙂 Papa was telling the nursing home that we minister at all about you last night and saying what a fun time that we had. We have a lot in common with your kind pastor and his wife. They were a real encouragement to our family. Mama and Papa definitely want to stay in touch! 🙂 It was humbling to hear that you put our family on your prayer list. We appreciate you and your kindness to us.

Good News Spectacular!

Some of us are involved in a Good News Club at a local elementary school.  It’s a wonderful way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with kids. Our family had the opportunity to volunteer for the Good News Spectacular at the TD Convention Center on Saturday, and we had fun making over a thousand snow cones!  What a great turnout!

Laurens Outdoor Club

Thank you for inviting us to perform at your Valentine’s Day banquet! We had a fun time, and you were a very friendly group. We enjoyed singing and playing our instruments for your entertainment. Thank you for the meal. I think it was a nice idea to have candles on all of the tables. It was thoughtful of your group to also give us the beautiful wall hanging, and we love it! We like the verse (1 Peter 4:8) that it has on it. Mama has already hung it up in our house! Thanks, too, for the carnations. 🙂

Collingsworth Family

We had a great time watching the Collingsworth family live in concert Wednesday night at Praise Cathedral in Greer, SC!  They are using their talents for the Lord in such a mighty way, and we were so blessed by them.  It was an answer to prayer that Phil Collingsworth was able to make it tonight after being hospitalized for five days.  I, Luke, have admired the Collingsworth family for many years and was so excited and thrilled to be able to meet them in person.  We will always remember this night fondly!

Luke with Olivia and Courtney Collingsworth
The Rankin children with Kim Collingsworth

Happy New Year’s Day 2018!

We had a great New Year’s Eve day/night yesterday! Our pastor did an amazing job preaching the Word of God in both services. After our evening service, Papa, Mama, and we rushed over to Faith Baptist Church. Papa preached along with three other pastors for their Night Watch Service of preaching, singing, eating, and prayers to bring in the New Year. Okay, we were wimps and didn’t stay to the end as some of us were exhausted, but we had fun singing and were thankful for the invitation.  🙂

The Greenville Place

Our Family Enjoyed a Very Merry Christmas Night at the Greenville Place!

We had so much fun putting on our Christmas concert and hearing Daddy preach alongside our elderly friends.  We really loved spending Christmas evening with some of the sweetest people in the world!  We always love being with these dear folks, and we always leave wanting to be more like them!  It was so cozy.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.  — John 2:14


We had a fun time going to Hollywild for their Christmas lights! We had a blast, and we appreciated how they displayed the Ten Commandments to the Salvation message. We had a great time looking at all the animals. We also enjoyed being able to pet the bison and the zebras.