Martha Franks Chapel, Laurens, SC

Thank you for inviting our family to worship with you.  It was a real blessing for us.  Your chapel is so beautiful, and the acoustics are phenomenal.  Peter loved playing your organ!  It was so fun to look out and see familiar faces, too.  We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Little Bethel Baptist Church, Mullins, SC

We had so much fun traveling to the Pee Dee! We only missed Papa’s 5:30 a.m. “bus departure” by 5 minutes! Thank y’all so much for your hospitality and the delicious Thanksgiving dinner. It was SO good!! We loved seeing so many young families.

Papa with your pastor, Travis Leasure

WTBI Sharathon, Greenville, SC

It was great to be a part of the 2024 Sharathon! Thank you for having us. Thank you for faithfully playing godly Christian music and preaching on 91.5. Keep up the good work!

Papa on the radio

Wedding at Old Stone Church, Spartanburg, SC

Deborah: “I had so much fun playing my harp for a wedding in Spartanburg! The venue at Old Stone Church was gorgeous. Congratulations Tim and Susie! Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your special day!”

Senator Verdin Fundraiser, Leesville, SC

Thank you, Senator Danny Verdin, for inviting us to provide the special music for your fundraiser. The venue was beautiful at T & S Farm, and we enjoyed the delicious meal provided by Shealy’s BBQ. It was nice seeing some familiar faces and running into Governor McMaster and Miss Peggy again!

Rankins with Senator Verdin & Kim with grandbaby, and the McMasters

In Memory of Danny Duncan, Greenville, SC


Thank you, Tammy, for asking me to play the piano for Danny’s funeral. It was an honor for me to do it. Danny was a great boss to work for, and he knew a lot about his work, taught me a lot, and always treated me fairly and kindly, which made working on the computer projects with him very enjoyable.

Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Taylors, SC

We had so much fun at your church for your senior event and luncheon!  The food was amazing, and we enjoyed the sweet fellowship.  Thank you for your beautiful prayers for our family.

In Memory of Bob Wright, Easley, SC

Thank you, Shirley, for asking us to provide music for your husband’s funeral. He was one of the kindest men we know. We’ll always remember with fondness the Thanksgiving we spent together. We loved hearing Bob’s stories and seeing his sweet admiration for you. He was an amazing, humble man who loved his family and the Lord. We look forward to seeing him again. It was wonderful to see many old friends and familiar faces that came to show their respects at RSBC.

Langston Baptist Church’s 250th Anniversary!

What a special time of celebration! Learning about the church’s history was so interesting. God has seen this church through amazing times in America’s past. What a great crowd. And what a great party after the service it was! Thank you to all those that worked so hard to make this day happen. This was definitely a day for the books.

Home with a Heart, Liberty, SC

Thank you for inviting us to sing and preach at your Friday evening service.  We are grateful for the salvation. God is good!  Keep up the great work you all do for the Lord.

Sweet Grammy

We are so blessed to have had our sweet 92-year-old Grammy live with us for almost three months. After voicing her strong desire to live with our family for months prior, she moved in with us and was so happy! She loved having us girls take care of her every day. Her strength drastically improved as physical therapists and the guys in the family worked with her daily on exercises. She was excited to be working towards more independence, as she was starting to be able to do more things on her own. Her favorite place was on the couch in the kitchen, where she could look out the window at all our animals, especially our little black kitten, her favorite.

Although she let everyone—people here and in her family—know about her desire to live with us, and not at the nursing home, unfortunately a probate court in Michigan ordered her back into the Michigan assisted living facility anyway—against her will—for guardianship proceedings that began after she moved in with us. It is so sad to see the voices of vulnerable elderly people, who have worked hard their whole lives, ignored in their later years. Many leaders and officials in our county and state of South Carolina are furious at the injustice our grandmother faced, and they wonder how something like this could even happen in America. Grammy asked, “Why doesn’t anyone care what I have to say about it?” She also said, “How could this happen? This is America!”

We would appreciate your prayers for our family and for Grammy to have strength, peace, and comfort as she is away from what she called “Home, Sweet Home.” We counted it a privilege to have taken care of Grammy entirely out of our own money, without spending a penny of hers, and we would continue to care for her ourselves if given the chance. We love her very much and thank God for the sweet time we were able to spend with her!

Bethel Baptist Church, Lincolnton, NC

Thank you all so much for having us back again to celebrate another Homecoming service! As always, we enjoyed getting to talk to you all and staying for the delicious lunch. Phebe loved meeting your “church dog.”

Grace Baptist Church, Franklin, NC

Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your special day. Congratulations on 25 years, to your pastor and his wife! What a special couple. God blessed our family with a bus that can take ALL of us places! We praise God for this!

Taylors First Baptist, Taylors, SC

Thank you for graciously hosting us at your recent “XYZ” luncheon.  Your group was among the friendliest we’ve encountered since we started traveling.  We enjoyed talking with many of you, and it was so good to see familiar faces.  You made our Grammy feel extremely welcomed and loved!

Lucas Avenue Baptist Church, Laurens, SC

Thank you for inviting us to do our patriotic program for your church. We love America. We appreciated all those that came up and made us feel so welcome. What made it extra special was having Grammy with us and watching her belt out the congregational hymns from the audience. We inherited her love of singing. 😊 It was a special night we’ll always treasure.

Papa with pastor, Michael Post

The Windsor House, Greenville, SC

We had fun singing and playing our instruments for the sweet folks at the Windsor House. We had a little episode getting there, though…the trailer wasn’t hitched up quite right, and came off the hitch while we were driving! Those behind saw sparks flying everywhere as metal scraped against the road. God sent a nice young man to help us get back on the road safely and timely. 🙂

Papa and James Beard

Weldon Road Baptist Church, Westminster, SC

Thank you for having us sing and play. We had a wonderful time in the Lord with you all. The sermon was powerful! It was awesome to see the woman give her life to Jesus. God is good!
Thank you for the dinner. It really hit the spot.

Papa noticed the pastor’s Bible had “Rock of Ages” on the spine! Cool!

Spring Recital, Clinton, SC

We had fun at Priscilla’s recitals for her students. This year, there were so many people that she had to split it up into two back-to-back recitals so that we could fit everyone in the church! It worked out great, and all the food that people brought was so good.