Tanglewood Baptist Church

Thank you so much for inviting our family to sing at your senior group luncheon.  We had a GREAT time!  There was such a sweet atmosphere.  The food was DELICIOUS, and we felt as if we were at a Thanksgiving feast!

Chiquola Baptist Church

We had an amazing time at Chiquola Baptist Church this past Sunday . . . but we almost didn’t make it there!  While on the way, our van started puttering and jerking down the road.  We smelled fire and smoke, and some of the girls started screaming for Daddy to pull over!  The road we took was out in the middle of nowhere.  We prayed and prayed, and we are thankful for our parents’ wisdom to keep going.  God was definitely helping our van make it all the way to the church.  As soon as we pulled into the church parking lot, the van died.  Daddy and Peter were able to jump it, but after the service and dinner when we tried to make it out of the parking lot, it died again—half of it in the middle of the road and half in the parking lot!  So many of the men in the church quickly came out to help us.  It was so humid, and we know you all had more fun ways to spend your Sunday afternoon, so THANK YOU!!  All of you were so kind, and Novie, the youth director, even drove us all the way home in the church bus.  God is so good to keep us safe and send us help. 😊

Besides our vehicular troubles, we had a great homecoming service.  The food afterwards was incredible!  (Whoever cooked the meat did a fantastic job!!)  As always, we also enjoyed the large selection of desserts. 😊

Thank you, Chiquola, for your help and kindness on Sunday. Your church had such a sweet atmosphere. We will remember that day for a long time!

We liked the wooden Cross in the youth room
Deborah and Phebe (with her new green cast!)

Waiting for Daddy and Peter after van died again!
Daddy with your pastor, Ronnie Powell

Salem Baptist Church, Union, SC

Thank you for inviting our family to perform at your Homecoming Sunday morning! As you know, Phebe had fallen on her arm while playing hide-and-seek Saturday night. It was feeling worse, so we were sorry that we could not stay for the dinner as our parents needed to take her in for x-rays. You can probably imagine how much we appreciated the carry-out containers of all of the delicious food that we scarfed down on the way home! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!! Well, Phebe was a real trooper to sing a couple of songs at your church that morning, because we learned that she had broken two bones in her arm! We are thankful to God that she is now recovering. We are also praying for your pastor’s recovery.

Laurens First Baptist

Thank you for inviting our family to do your senior luncheon at your church.  We had a great time singing and playing our instruments.  The homemade cupcakes were delicious!  The flower centerpieces were so pretty–we took a picture.  It was great to see a couple of familiar faces and to meet the man who grew up in our house and learn the fact that his grandfather was the one who built it!  We look forward to seeing you all again!

Langston Baptist Church, Clinton SC

Thank you for inviting our family to perform for your Homecoming Celebration 2017!  We had fun, and the dinner afterwards was delicious!  We met a lot of nice folks, and it was interesting to hear how your church played a part in the Civil War.  We would love to hear more about its history.  It is definitely a quaint “Church in the Wildwood”!

Fairview Baptist Church

Thank you, Fairview Baptist Church, for having us do the music for your senior event this week.  Due to Hurricane Irma, our power had gone off the day before, but during the dinner you served us, and shortly before we performed, we learned that our electricity at home was back on!  We were so happy and thankful to God.  Your group was friendly, and we had a lot of fun.


Faith Baptist Church

Thank you Faith Baptist Church, Honea Path, for inviting our family to do your Sunday night service this past week.  Daddy enjoyed the opportunity preaching, and we enjoyed singing!  Thank you so much for the meal afterwards.  We were all so hungry!  It filled us up!  We took a great picture of Papa with your pastor, Tab Scarborough.


The Lord blessed us here in South Carolina with a cloudless view of the total solar eclipse of the sun on August 21st at 2:38 p.m., 2017! We marveled at Bailey’s Beads and the crescent shaped shadows that appeared. God is so creative! Our chickens started going to their coop to roost, and the crickets were chirping. God is Awesome!

Barker’s Creek Baptist Church

Thank you, Barker’s Creek Baptist Church, for inviting our family to do your 5th Sunday Night Sing. We had a GREAT time. The homemade ice cream was delicious! So were the brownies! The fruit baby carriage was adorable!

Part of our family with Music Minister, Dale Satterfield

Brown’s Creek Baptist Church

Thank you so much for inviting our family to do some special music for your Sunday morning worship service. We were so thankful to the ladies that took our boys in the nursery! It sure helped a lot! Your church had a very friendly atmosphere, and we enjoyed playing our instruments and singing for you!

The sticky note that someone put on the door leading into the sanctuary was great for us to see at this time in our lives. God DOES have everything under control!!

Wren Baptist Church

Thank you for having us come to your church to sing, play our instruments, and have Daddy preach!  Your pastor reminded us so much of a dear one we had at a church several years ago where Daddy was the music minister.  Even your church layout is very similar!  We hope you all have a blessed rest of the summer!

Grace Baptist Church

Thank you for inviting our family to your 4th of July Celebration and Revival.  The preaching was so good—Brother Clark’s sermon on pledging allegiance to God in the different matters of one’s life, and Brother Dean’s message on when Jesus saves us were both inspiring.  Our family enjoyed our time and appreciated the meal afterwards.  As you know, that was the first time we had ever had turtle stew!  Thank you for the new experience (and some of us were thankful for all of the other food offered!) that we will never forget!

Lucas Avenue Baptist Church

We had a great time at Lucas Avenue Baptist Church doing their patriotic service! We are so blessed to live in America, and how thankful we are for those who have served in the military and also for those that have died for our freedom. We believe the ultimate freedom comes through salvation in Jesus Christ. He died for us so that we who believe on His Name can live for Him and spend eternity with Him someday!

Thanks to the men of the church for all of their work–providing the delicious dinner and cleaning up afterwards!

Abe (Papa!) Lincoln made an appearance!
Michael Post (pastor) with Daddy!

Holly Grove Baptist Church

Thank you, Sylvia, for inviting our family to sing at your church’s Revival Meeting. We were glad to come, and the sermon meant a lot to us. More people need to hear what your pastor, Allan Simpson, has to say!


Grace Baptist Church

Thank you, Grace Baptist Church, for inviting our family to your service.  The spirit there was one of the sweetest!  We are ALL looking so forward to your 4th of July celebration!

We liked your hats!
The ladies liked your calligraphy on the ladies’ room wall.

Over the week-end, the Lord was using Psalm 23 in our lives in special ways.  On Saturday, the Lord brought the chapter to Deborah’s mind when she was going through a scary experience.  She recited it aloud and felt the Lord’s Strength.  In Sunday School the next morning, unbeknownst to us beforehand, all of the adult classes were studying Psalm 23!  Afterwards, we decided to recite it as a family in the van to keep it fresh in our minds.  At your church Sunday evening, Lydia picked up a pew fan and showed us that it too had the 23rd Psalm printed on it!  What a great passage of Scripture!

Gregory with your music minister, Tim Short, and your pastor, Dale Phillips

White Horse Heights Baptist Church

Thank you, White Horse Heights Baptist Church, for inviting our family to sing and play our instruments at your homecoming celebration.  Honoring the former pastors was such a special idea, and we could see how much it meant to the families.  The meal was delicious, too!

Papa with the pastor, Scott Dean–What a special man of God!