New Prospect Baptist Church, Laurens, SC

Thank you for having us sing and play at your MAC Group’s Christmas party.  We had a lot of fun (and the sweet potato pie was SO good)!  Your group sure is friendly, and we hope that the LORD blesses you and that you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Union, SC

What pretty decorations you had for your 2022 Ladies’ Night Out. We enjoyed being able to be a part of your Christmas gathering! You all are very friendly, and we had a good time! Thank you!

WTBI Share-a-thon 2022

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

It was an honor for our family to sing and play our instruments for your 2022 Share-a-thon!  Thank you, and we pray the LORD blesses your ministry.

Reedy River Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Your church was so friendly!  Thank you for having us.  It was good to see familiar faces, too.  We loved the way you were honoring your veterans with all of their photos—even dating back to the Civil War!

Papa with Josh Slatten, Pastor

Apalache Baptist Church, Greer, SC

Singing and playing at your church for a second time was an honor! Thank you!  It was good to see those we met last time again as well as new faces.

Road to Life Event, Greenwood, SC

Some of us enjoy volunteering at CrossRoads Pregnancy Center, and it was a fun and informative evening at their fundraiser.  Pam Tebow (Tim’s mother) was very personable, and we enjoyed her speech and the other speakers and testimonies.  Susanna was able to participate as one of the local vendors with her “Sweet 16, Cookies & More”!  Please pray for the mothers that come to the center for help—for their souls and for their babies.

Pam Tebow with Deborah & Phebe
Tony Foster (Chairman of the Board) with Luke
Pam Tebow with Luke

Laurens Memorial Home, SC

Thank you, Bo Hill, for inviting our family to come to preach, sing, and play for your group Monday night.  Such sweet folks!

Papa with Bo Hill

Langston Baptist Church Revival, Clinton, SC

Thank you to EVERYONE that came to our special Revival and to all who helped in so many ways. We continue to pray for America. We desperately need a turning to the LORD. He is so good. If we repent of our sins and ask Jesus Christ to save us, we can be assured of a home in Heaven with Him for eternity.

Laurens County GOP Meeting, SC

We had an exciting night as we got to hear our daughters singing the National Anthem and listen to Luke speak.  We learned that there have been tremendous improvements to our election systems to ensure voting integrity in South Carolina! —Gregory

Langston Baptist Church Homecoming 2022!

We had a fun time singing, playing, and listening to Papa preach for the Homecoming service!  The food afterwards was so good.  Thank you to all those that came and helped make this day so special.

Austin Road Baptist Church, Honea Path, SC

Thank you for your warm welcome!  We had a fun night worshipping with you all.  Your church was bright with a lot of bright smiling faces looking back at us when we sang and played.  Thank you!

Luke Singing the National Anthem, Fountain Inn, SC

It was an honor for Luke to be asked to sing the National Anthem at the Championship World Rodeo.  He did a great job!  We enjoyed watching the different events and seeing the talented cowboys and cowgirls, and we loved all the American flags and patriotism.  The opening prayer that mentioned salvation through Jesus Christ was awesome.  Attending the worldly event, however, and seeing so many lost people caught up in the blasting rock music, scant attire, and crude jokes, made us sorrowful over how desperately our country needs a revival and a true turning back to God.

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Pickens, SC

We love visiting your church! Thank you for asking us to sing. The children’s choir was so sweet, and we loved the old songs they sang from our childhood.  We enjoyed the sermon and the interesting insights.  It was also refreshing to hear a preacher speak so boldly against sin.

Pastor, Rudy Smith

Bethel Baptist Church, Lincolnton, NC

Thank you for having us back to sing and play for your Homecoming! Due to mechanical issues, we all had to pile into our smaller minivan and couldn’t bring all of our equipment, but we had a lot of fun riding together. The potluck dinner was delicious! We look forward to seeing you all next year!

The antics from the baby of the family continue!

Missions Conference, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

We always enjoy popping in on our friends at Tabernacle Baptist Church during special meetings. We really enjoyed this Missions Conference service. Thank you for asking us to sing! We enjoyed all the congregational songs, especially the new one we learned called “Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious.” And the missionary presentation and sermon were great!

Pro-Life Prayer for SC State Legislature

Please continue to pray for the South Carolina state legislature as the chambers debate and discuss details of pro-life legislation. Here are some of our friends and us at the State Capitol, where organizers led a prayer at the State House!