Victory Bible Fellowship Class

Thank you for having us sing and play our instruments for your Christmas party!  We really appreciated the meal.  The cakes were phenomenal!  As you know, it was Deborah’s birthday, and she said, “That was the most fun I’ve had at a senior luncheon!”  We all enjoyed it.  Mrs. Kathy did a great job in her drama presentation of the missionary, Lottie Moon.  We learned a lot, and we loved her costume.

Mrs. Kathy as Lottie Moon

Hospice of the Upstate, Anderson, SC

Thank you so much for inviting me (Deborah) to play my harp for your Sounds of Peace Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony!  I had a lot of fun.  Thank you also for the bell you gave me.  Also, the punch and cookies were delicious!  🙂

Seekers Class Christmas Party!

Thank you, Sheila, for inviting us to play our instruments and sing for the Seekers Class Christmas Party!  We had such a great time!  Your class is so friendly, and the food was delicious!  🙂

Papa and Wayne Turner, the teacher of the class

In Memory of Wes Hansen

Thank you, Mrs. Hansen, for asking us to sing and play at your dear husband’s funeral.  He loved Jesus Christ and served him faithfully to the end.  We all look forward to seeing him again one day in our Heavenly Home in “Beulah Land”!

Faith Baptist Church

Thank you, Mrs. Scarborough, for inviting us to the Gospel Sing with King’s Cross.  We had a fun time!  We thought it was sweet that the singers prayed over you and Brother Tab and his ministry.  🙂  We were surprised that they asked us to sing a song!  Jim Krope did a great job on the piano during intermission!

Clearview Baptist Church, Travelers Rest, SC

Thank you for inviting our family to sing at your church!  We had a great time, and the people were so friendly!  We love how patriotic the church is and how they honor their veterans.  🙂

We liked all of the wall decorations!

Papa with Guest Preacher, Jeff Rankin (no relation! 🙂 )


Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

WTBI Share-a-thon 2018!

Thank you for inviting us to sing for the WTBI 2018 Share-a-thon on Saturday.  We had such a good time!  It was a lot of fun.  🙂  And thank you for the delicious fruit basket.  We had to leave and set up at another church right after, and so the fruit gave us much needed energy and some good old-fashioned potassium and other vitamins and nutrients!  🙂


Faith Baptist Church, Belton-Honea Path, SC

Thank you for inviting us to come and provide music and preaching for your Sunday evening service!  After Gregory’s sermon, when Brother Tab rose to speak, it ministered to my heart (KariJoy here 🙂 ).  He may not know the specific spiritual battles our family is facing in our lives, but it brought tears to my eyes to hear him state encouraging truths from the Bible that fit them perfectly, as he stood right in front of me, at times peering intently into my eyes when he gave his message that I felt was from the Lord to me.  It was exactly what we and I needed.  We are very grateful for his godly influence in our lives.  We love you, Gloria and Tab!!

Rock Springs Baptist Church, Easley, SC


Our first year experiencing Death’s Door was incredible!  The presentation was a huge blessing and the turnout each of the three nights was awesome.  My two littler sisters, Susanna and Phebe, were even convinced to be angels on the last night of the presentation.  They did a great job!  Our whole family is looking forward to helping out even more next year!

As you can see below, the pillar that I (Luke) am toting was no easy task.  Sadly though, it turns out it was just some foam covered in plaster!  I really thought I was getting somewhere with my workouts.  🙂

Phebe and Susanna with friend, Bri

Saluda Baptist Association Meeting, Anderson, SC

We had a fun time going to Concord Baptist Church to do some music for their Baptist Association Meeting.  The food was excellent!  It was nice to see people that we knew at the meeting. Thank you, Mr. Dill, for inviting our family!  🙂


Papa & Mama with the guest preacher, Bill Barker, and Nancy & John Dill

Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC

Thank you so much for inviting us again to your senior dinner!  We liked the fall time decorations.  You all hold a special place in our hearts.  We had a fun time!  When we took a walk around the church before dinner, we noticed your Prayer Room/Chapel door.  That’s a great idea!

Our men with Leon Fayonsky


Luke and Phebe color-coordinated!

Bible Baptist Church, Pickens, SC

Thank you for inviting us to sing and play at your church’s Fifth Sunday Night Sing! We thought the quote on your pulpit was cool (picture below)—what a great verse to have on a pulpit! 🙂

Papa with Mark Dibler, the pastor.

On the way home!