Langston Baptist Church, Clinton, SC

What a wonderful day of rejoicing in God’s house yesterday as we celebrated the grand reopening of Langston Baptist Church! We had a really good crowd, and the vigorous singing of the old hymns of the faith rang out loudly. We felt God’s Holy Spirit in a powerful way, and all praise and glory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ. The meal following was excellent, and many stayed and fellowshipped long after the dinner. It was a day that will remain etched in our memories. God is so good.

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville SC—Bible Conference!

We had a great time attending your Bible Conference on Thursday and Friday night.  Thank you for asking us to sing.  What a lively and friendly crowd!  It was a blessing to us, and we enjoyed going out to eat with some of your young people afterwards.

First Baptist Church, Cross Hill, SC

You all are “sweet”—no pun intended!  Ya’ll know what we mean!  That was a great dessert social afterwards.  Wow!   Thank you for having us come sing and play our instruments for your 5th Sunday Night Sing.  You are one of our favorite crowds—so friendly to our family, and it was a really fun evening.

In Memory of Tab Scarborough

It was an honor to sing and play at the funeral of one of our all-time favorite pastors, Tab Scarborough.  Thank you, Gloria.  You and the family are in our prayers.  Your husband meant a great deal to our whole family.  These are two of our favorite photos of him with Daddy!

Luke Takes the Oath of Office!

Our family had the honor of being a part of Luke’s swearing in as a Laurens County councilman!  God is so good!

In Luke’s words:

Today, I took a solemn oath and was officially sworn into office. Having my family surround me was an incredible blessing! The moment was so surreal and made me realize how privileged and honored I am to have this opportunity to serve and represent the great people of Laurens County.

After some research and inquiry, we believe that at 23 years old, I am likely the youngest person to ever be elected to public office in Laurens County history. This achievement is not about me, but rather how the Lord has directed my steps this past year. He is the one to whom I give all the praise, glory, and honor!

As I serve my four-year term, I will always represent the PEOPLE. I will always strive to do what’s right, and not just what is socially attractive. I vow to defend the Constitution and preserve Liberty for this generation and the ones that will follow. God will be my guide, and Freedom will be my voice!

To our county, state, & nation – Let Freedom Ring!

– Councilman Luke Rankin

Selma Baptist Church, Woodruff, SC

We had a great time at your New Year’s Eve service!  Thank you for inviting us to sing and play along with Brothers 5.  They were really good!  We weren’t expecting a meal afterwards—and it REALLY hit the spot!  You were so friendly to our family, and we loved the fun atmosphere.  We will pray for your pastor, Fred Quindley, and his wife, Patsy, as they start a new chapter of their lives.  We could tell they are very loved by your congregation.

Brothers 5 with your pastor’s wife, Patsy, singing

Grace Baptist Church, Franklin, NC

Thank you so much for inviting our family to provide your Christmas program.  It was a lot of fun, and your church was so friendly.   We are looking forward to coming back!

Papa with your pastor, Frank Rodriguez
We learned that a lady in the church painted the beautiful landscape in the background in three hours, on plywood!

Home with a Heart

Thank you for asking us to provide a  Christmas program.  It was a good crowd, and there was heart-lifting testimony from the graduates.  We really enjoyed it! (Also, your Christmas tree is the biggest we’ve ever seen inside!)

First Baptist Church of Iva, SC

Thank you for inviting me to guest solo in your service today! What a warm and friendly congregation you have. It was also a pleasure hearing your pastor, Jerry Gray, bring the message–thank you for your bold stands!

First Baptist Church, Iva, SC

Thank you for having our family provide music for your Christmas Party! We had a great time! The food was delicious, and the venue was beautiful!

“Phebe, are you going to put down your cake and help us pack up?!”

Bethel Baptist Church, Lincolnton, NC

We had a fun time going up to NC to sing at your church! We were very excited to learn that there was a meal afterwards!! It hit the spot! Your congregation was very friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed meeting your pastor and his wife, and we loved his sermon!

Our family with your pastor, Rick Hensley, and his sweet wife, Cindy

WTBI Share-a-thon, Greenville, SC

Thank you, WTBI, for allowing us to share some music during your recent Share-a-Thon.  We loved it!  As always, you have a knack for making us feel right at home, and we praise the Lord for your faithfulness to His Word and for not compromising with the world. May our Lord richly bless you all, your church, and your radio ministry.

Keep looking up,

The Rankin Family

Laurens Liberty Society–Prayer Vigil for America!

Today we gathered at the historic downtown Laurens Courthouse and prayed over our country and the controversial election.  What a great time of prayer with several pastors from our local community, and our very own state rep. Stewart Jones.  Thank you to the many people that came out to pray and show their support.


Selma Baptist Church, Woodruff, SC

Y’all have such a friendly church!  Thank you to your pastor and his wife for asking us to sing in your service.  We wish the best for you two as you embark on the next chapter of your life!

Barker’s Creek Baptist Church

Thank you for inviting our family to do your morning service at your friendly church.  We had a fun time! 🙂 I’m glad you are keeping your church doors open!