Christmas at The Greenville Place

Thank you for inviting our family to sing and play a Christmas concert for some of our very favorite people in the world. It’s hard to believe that the first time we were there was over 22 years ago—before some of us were born! You hold a special place in our hearts. We love the residents and hope that ya’ll have a very blessed and Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ—the Savior of the world.

Concord Baptist Church, Anderson, SC

Thank you for inviting us to sing for your senior adult luncheon.  What a great crowd!  We had a fun time, and we enjoyed the food afterwards.  That was the best sweet potato casserole!   Ya’ll were so nice and very, very friendly. We really appreciated all of you who came up to talk to us and to let us know you are praying for our family. Thank you for reminding us that God is always in control. The fall decorations were adorable!

Victory Baptist Church, Anderson, SC

We had a great time singing and playing for your homecoming!  We were glad to see and hear Jimmie Clark preach again, and we will continue to pray for him and his wife, Carla.  The food afterwards (as always) was delicious!  🙂  It was great to sit next to your new pastor, Leroy Thrift, and his wife, Sheri, and get to know them better.

Papa with the new pastor, Leroy Thrift

Pastor’s Bible Fellowship Party

Thank you to our pastor, David Gallamore, for inviting us to sing for your Bible Fellowship Class Party! We had a fun time, and the food was delicious! (And thank you to whoever brought the amazing cheesecake!!) Thank you also to those who sent us home with so much food! That was so sweet of y’all. It is a big help to our family right now, and we appreciate it!

Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC

Thank you, Leon Fayonsky, for inviting our family back to provide the music for your senior dinner!  We appreciated the friendly folks that came up to us.  Your church definitely has seen some big changes in our family—some remember when Luke was shorter than most of us and how tiny Phebe used to be!  🙂

Luke is STILL taller than I am!

Lanford Baptist Church, Enoree, SC

Thank you for having us back! We had a lot of fun singing for your 5th Sunday night sing. 🙂 We also really appreciate the music minister and pastor praying with us before the service. Susanna, especially, happened to be very hungry as we were setting up our equipment in your sanctuary, and she said she would hug the necks of you all if you had a meal after the service (we didn’t know y’all were planning on having a meal!). So, you can imagine how happy she was (and all of us!) when we found out about all of the delicious food prepared in your fellowship hall. The homemade ice cream really hit the spot. And although Susanna never actually hugged any necks, she did go back for seconds!

Faith Baptist Church, Belton/Honea Path, SC

Well Glory!  Thank you, Faith Baptist Church, for letting us be a part of your special service honoring your pastor Tab Scarborough in his over 40 years of ministry.  We love singing for y’all, and the night was very special.  Brother Tab is a very dear man of God!  We have loved getting to know him and seeing God’s love show through his life.  (As always, the food was delicious!)

Travis King (incoming pastor) and Jim Krope (pianist) with Tab & Gloria Scarborough

Brother Tab as a boy