Langston Baptist Church Homecoming 2022!

We had a fun time singing, playing, and listening to Papa preach for the Homecoming service!  The food afterwards was so good.  Thank you to all those that came and helped make this day so special.

Austin Road Baptist Church, Honea Path, SC

Thank you for your warm welcome!  We had a fun night worshipping with you all.  Your church was bright with a lot of bright smiling faces looking back at us when we sang and played.  Thank you!

Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Pickens, SC

We love visiting your church! Thank you for asking us to sing. The children’s choir was so sweet, and we loved the old songs they sang from our childhood.  We enjoyed the sermon and the interesting insights.  It was also refreshing to hear a preacher speak so boldly against sin.

Pastor, Rudy Smith

Bethel Baptist Church, Lincolnton, NC

Thank you for having us back to sing and play for your Homecoming! Due to mechanical issues, we all had to pile into our smaller minivan and couldn’t bring all of our equipment, but we had a lot of fun riding together. The potluck dinner was delicious! We look forward to seeing you all next year!

The antics from the baby of the family continue!

Missions Conference, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

We always enjoy popping in on our friends at Tabernacle Baptist Church during special meetings. We really enjoyed this Missions Conference service. Thank you for asking us to sing! We enjoyed all the congregational songs, especially the new one we learned called “Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious.” And the missionary presentation and sermon were great!

Martha Franks Retirement Center Chapel, Laurens, SC

Thank you so much for inviting us to come and put on a concert.  Peter enjoyed playing your organ, and the crowd was so friendly!  We loved the bright and beautiful chapel, and the acoustics were amazing.   Your group really blessed our family and cheered our hearts.  We had a great time!

Little River Baptist Church, Honea Path, SC

Thank you for inviting our family to provide music for your church service!  Your congregation is very friendly, and we enjoyed seeing familiar faces.

Papa with the pastor, Garrett Hart

Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC

Thank you for having us come and sing at your dinner.  The food was good, and the fellowship was sweet.  We have always enjoyed your group and remember meeting you for the first time in 2016! Thank you for having us back over the years.

Independence Day 2022!


Thank you to all that helped make our week-end memorable!  Thank you, LBC and New Hope Baptist Church, for joining in a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, and fun!

Gospel Light Baptist Church, Blue Ridge, GA

It was great being back with you all after four years!  Thank you for asking us to sing.  Thank you, too, for singing your version of Power in the Blood for us.  😊  Your congregation is so friendly, and we had a lot of fun!

The pastor, Freddy Thomas, and his wife Brenda, with us
A photo from our visit back in 2018!

Vietnam POW 49th Freedom Reunion Gala, Greer, SC

It was an immense pleasure to sing the National Anthem and provide the musical entertainment for this special event. To meet many of these brave Vietnam veterans was a memorable experience. Many of these gentlemen were held captive for five years or more with their wives at home not knowing whether they were dead or alive. Their stories made me even more thankful for their sacrifice.

Ben Carson Education Forum @ BJU, Greenville, SC

Luke enjoyed singing the “National Anthem” in the ensemble and meeting several folks at this packed event!  Some of us had fun being in the electric crowd.

Luke and former US Senator, Jim DeMint
Luke with Ben Carson, former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Concord Baptist Church, Anderson, SC

What a blessing it was to be with you all again at your senior adult luncheon.  Thank you for having us back.  We had a lot of fun!  It was a surprise and joy to meet Ms. Beverly Chesser from Beverly Exercise!  Mama first saw her on TV before we were even born—it was around the time she was expecting Peter!

Home with a Heart, Liberty, SC

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sing and preach at your special camp meeting.  We were blessed, and it was good to see so many come!

RULE OF LAW: Attorneys General Forum, Greer, SC

We had a fun night!  We learned a lot, and it was a quaint venue at the old train station.  Luke sang the “National Anthem” beautifully.  (You can see it on 106.3 WORD’s FB page under Fourth District Republican Party @ 14:45 minutes into the live feed on Tuesday Evening 12 April 2022).

From left to right: Attorney General (AG) Ken Paxton, Texas; AG Todd Rokita, Indiana; Councilman Luke Rankin; AG Alan Wilson, South Carolina; AG Jason Miyares, Virginia