Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC

Thank you, Leon Fayonsky, for inviting our family back to provide the music for your senior dinner!  We appreciated the friendly folks that came up to us.  Your church definitely has seen some big changes in our family—some remember when Luke was shorter than most of us and how tiny Phebe used to be!  🙂

Luke is STILL taller than I am!

Lanford Baptist Church, Enoree, SC

Thank you for having us back! We had a lot of fun singing for your 5th Sunday night sing. 🙂 We also really appreciate the music minister and pastor praying with us before the service. Susanna, especially, happened to be very hungry as we were setting up our equipment in your sanctuary, and she said she would hug the necks of you all if you had a meal after the service (we didn’t know y’all were planning on having a meal!). So, you can imagine how happy she was (and all of us!) when we found out about all of the delicious food prepared in your fellowship hall. The homemade ice cream really hit the spot. And although Susanna never actually hugged any necks, she did go back for seconds!

Faith Baptist Church, Belton/Honea Path, SC

Well Glory!  Thank you, Faith Baptist Church, for letting us be a part of your special service honoring your pastor Tab Scarborough in his over 40 years of ministry.  We love singing for y’all, and the night was very special.  Brother Tab is a very dear man of God!  We have loved getting to know him and seeing God’s love show through his life.  (As always, the food was delicious!)

Travis King (incoming pastor) and Jim Krope (pianist) with Tab & Gloria Scarborough

Brother Tab as a boy

New Life Baptist Church, Union, SC

Thank you for having us back!  We enjoyed worshipping with you on Sunday morning.  Your pastor,  Shannon Faulkner, said some good things about The Kingdom of God from Matthew 20.  We appreciated how friendly ya’ll were to our family.  You have a lively congregation!  🙂

Rock Springs Baptist Church

Thank you to our wonderful pastor, David Gallamore, for asking our family to sing and play for the special Father’s Day evening service.   Thank you Jim Cawthon and the sound and media team for all of your help and for being so easy to work with!  We loved and were thankful for being a part of such a meaningful night of ministry and testimonies.  We thank God for RSBC!

Home with a Heart, Liberty, SC

Thank you, Mike Johnson, for inviting our family to come and sing gospel hymns at your Home With a Heart Fish Fry.  We had fun and admire all of the work for the Lord ya’ll are doing over there!  We look forward to coming and watching your graduation later this month.   Our prayers are with you and the men.

Deborah was excited to try on one of your sombreros as she is excitedly anticipating her Mexico mission trip!

Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church, Union, SC

It was a cool experience to sing and play our instruments in the 4th oldest church in South Carolina!  Your sanctuary was beautiful, and it looked so old-fashioned!  We had a fun time providing the music for your evening service!  🙂

Also, thank you SO much for the sandwiches after.  We always get VERY hungry after taking down our music equipment!

Papa with your pastor, Carrol Caldwell

New Life Baptist Church, Union, SC

Thank you for inviting us to provide music for your evening service at New Life Baptist Church!  You were a very nice group!  🙂  Thank you, Mrs. Carrie Dallas, for sending pictures you took that night.  We appreciated that and are including several here below.

ROA men with Gibby Arthur and pastor, Shannon Faulkner

First Baptist Church, Laurens, SC

We had a really fun time singing and playing our instruments for your senior luncheon.  Thank you for inviting us, Mrs. Rogers!  We were glad that Luke and Deborah were able to make it from work—in the nick-of-time!  The food was incredible (especially the creamed corn)!  And the cheesecake hit the spot!!  🙂

Deborah was rushing to get to the church from work, so Phebe had to tune her harp!

We liked the cute snowman decorations!

Greenville Place Christmas Service

Even though we didn’t have a white Christmas, there was a thick coating of frost covering the whole ground Christmas morning, so I guess that’s all we can expect in the South. 🙂 We had fun spending time with our wonderful friends at the Greenville Place on Christmas Evening. We did a lot of Christmas songs, and Daddy gave a great sermon.

The Pastor’s Class Christmas Party!

Thank you so much to our wonderful pastor for inviting us to sing and play for your class Christmas party.  The dinner was DELICIOUS!  Thank y’all for all the extra food you gave to our family.  That was so thoughtful.  We are already enjoying it!  🙂  Mama and Papa have also enjoyed being part of this Bible Fellowship Class.