Rock Springs Baptist Church, Easley, SC


Our first year experiencing Death’s Door was incredible!  The presentation was a huge blessing and the turnout each of the three nights was awesome.  My two littler sisters, Susanna and Phebe, were even convinced to be angels on the last night of the presentation.  They did a great job!  Our whole family is looking forward to helping out even more next year!

As you can see below, the pillar that I (Luke) am toting was no easy task.  Sadly though, it turns out it was just some foam covered in plaster!  I really thought I was getting somewhere with my workouts.  🙂

Phebe and Susanna with friend, Bri

Good News Spectacular!

Some of us are involved in a Good News Club at a local elementary school.  It’s a wonderful way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with kids. Our family had the opportunity to volunteer for the Good News Spectacular at the TD Convention Center on Saturday, and we had fun making over a thousand snow cones!  What a great turnout!


We had a fun time going to Hollywild for their Christmas lights! We had a blast, and we appreciated how they displayed the Ten Commandments to the Salvation message. We had a great time looking at all the animals. We also enjoyed being able to pet the bison and the zebras.


Ringing and Singing!

Some of us were able to ring the bell for The Salvation Army. We had a fun time singing Christmas carols while we rang! If you’d like to see one of our favorite Christmas movies, check out Silver Bells (2013) with Bruce Boxleitner. It’s funny and sweet and gives an insight into The Salvation Army.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Recital

We have had a wonderful week! Priscilla held her annual Christmas Recital at our home with two of her sisters, Susanna and Phebe, participating. What a great turnout! Priscilla was thankful for the over 60 folks that came out to enjoy the children playing and the food and fellowship afterwards. What a great bunch of kids!!

It came as a great shock to us that we got snow! Susanna and Phebe made two snowmen and we named one “Benji”, and Mama called the other one “Benny” (in honor of the storm Benji).



The Lord blessed us here in South Carolina with a cloudless view of the total solar eclipse of the sun on August 21st at 2:38 p.m., 2017! We marveled at Bailey’s Beads and the crescent shaped shadows that appeared. God is so creative! Our chickens started going to their coop to roost, and the crickets were chirping. God is Awesome!

Ivan Parker Concert

Our family was so blessed to attend the concert of Ivan Parker from the Gaither Homecoming Friends at Hyde Park Baptist Church on Friday night! We especially loved singing along with the old hymns as well as the songs “Mama’s Rocking Chair” and “Midnight Cry.” We had a great time! Ivan Parker’s on the spur of the moment “sermon” meant a lot to us and was just what we needed to hear. Perfect timing from God.

Laurens Christmas Tree Lighting

What an exciting night some of us enjoyed at Laurens’s First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting! We loved Mayor John Stankus’s speech, and the free trolley ride made our night as we passengers were directed in singing Christmas carols and hymns as we traveled around town. The free chocolate and cookies were delicious, and it was fun to visit the new museum site and do some of our Christmas shopping in the downtown stores that were open for the evening. Nothing compares to small town life!

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August Ministry

Great to have brother James home from school for the week-end!  (I know it was hard to go back, and you are right, “There’s no place like home!”  Thanks for keeping up with our ROA website from your dorm.  We love and pray for you!)

Peter playing the organ and piano for different churches on Sunday:

IMG_2171 (2)


IMG_2173 (2)

Remembering a Dear Saint

On our home page, you will find the following clip:

A sweet saint we visit in the hospital started calling us the Rock of Ages, and the name stuck.

This sweet elderly lady went home to be with the Lord this week. The world has lost an extraordinary woman. Helen was such an inspiration to our family. We were so blessed to have known her toward the end of her life. We would visit her, read the Bible, pray, and our children would sing and play their instruments—oftentimes she’d raise her hand and direct their music. Sometimes she’d ask them to work on one of her favorite hymns to sing the next time.

We’d hope to be an encouragement to her but often walked away being so refreshed ourselves. And, wow! Did she know the Scriptures! She loved our Savior Jesus Christ, too, and often spoke about her faith. She’d quote verses and tell our children to love and honor us as their parents. She’d turn to my husband and me and bless us with her support and love. She’d inspire us in our parenting and marriage—often times in the form of catchy phrases and poems. She was precious.

When we would leave her room, she’d hold our hands and give the children the latest handshakes ending with fist bumps. She’d kiss my hand, I’d bend down and kiss hers, and she’d always tell us to hurry back and not to forget her. We’ll never forget dear sweet Helen, and I know we’ll see her again someday. Praise God for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Creation Museum!

Susanna August 2015 148-003

Most of us went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky last week. The others had a blast at a Christian camp. We all had a great time! We met Ken Ham while at the Ark Encounter construction site. We also enjoyed a special music concert by Buddy Davis and a Christian illusionist show. Phebe was even picked to help him out during the show!

GS&KJ August 2015 024-001Children with Buddy Davis 2015 TCM


Gregory & KariJoy The Creation Museum 2015 Final 093


Ghana, West Africa




Peter and Priscilla had the opportunity to go to Ghana, West Africa on a missions trip last summer. Peter brought his accordion, and Priscilla brought her violin.







They both had a wonderful time sharing the gospel and playing music in the village churches. Since the people in Ghana do not hear much music, playing music outside before a Bible club always drew a crowd. 🙂