Recitals, Clinton, SC

Priscilla: “I had a great time at my students’ back-to-back recitals tonight! They have been working hard this year, and it was a joy to see them play.”

Clinton Wedding, SC

Deborah: “I loved getting to play my harp at an outdoor wedding held on a front yard lawn! The weather was beautiful and it was a great time. Thank y’all for having me!

Martha Franks Retirement Community, Laurens, SC

Deborah: “I loved getting to provide harp music for Martha Franks Retirement Community this afternoon! First, a mini concert at the assisted living facility and then a mother’s day event at the historic house! The house was built in 1859, and it was really cool getting to take a tour! Thank y’all for having me!”

TerraBella Thornblade, Greer, SC

Deborah: “It was a big night for TerraBella Thornblade in Greer! I enjoyed getting the opportunity to play my harp during the opening night under the facility’s official new name!”

Pond House, Starr, SC

Deborah: “I loved getting to play my harp at an outdoor wedding! The Pond House in Starr, SC was a breathtakingly beautiful venue, and the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect for the occasion.
“Congratulations to the newlyweds!! Thank y’all for giving me the opportunity to provide the music for your special day! 😊”

Cumberland Falls, KY

Someone at church Sunday morning told us that the Cumberland Falls were just a few minutes away, and so of course we had to stop to see them. They said it’s the “Niagara of the South.”

White Oak Missionary Baptist Church, KY

We took a relaxed, 2-day trip on the way back from Michigan. We stopped at a church Sunday morning and enjoyed their service and the friendly people. They do not have a pianist right now, so Peter was happy to fill in when they asked.

Grammy in Ludington, MI

The reason for our visit up North was to visit our sweet Grammy in Ludington. We loved taking her out all day, every day and hanging out with her at our rental house, at nearby attractions, and at our favorite restaurant—House of Flavors. Please pray for Grammy, as she still really wants to come here (and we really want her to)!

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, KY

Since the place where we stayed on our way up to Michigan was only 5 minutes away from Lousville, KY, Phebe insisted that we go see the Louisville Slugger Museum. We had fun going through the tour, seeing wooden baseball bats being made, and trying out their batting cage. But I think the real reason Phebe wanted to go was to get the free miniature bat at the end of the tour. 🙂

The Eclipse, New Albany, IN

On our way up to Michigan, we stopped to see the total solar eclipse in Indiana! Daddy has been planning to see this one for years and bought our solar glasses months ago. 🙂 It was an awesome experience as we were reminded again of how great and powerful God is—and how amazing He is to let us enjoy these incredible sights!

Elite Day Center, Pickens, SC

Deborah: “Thank you, Tracy, for inviting me to come play my harp at Elite Day Center in Liberty, SC! I loved everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement. It was contagious!😁”

Magnolia Fawn Rescue, Gray Court, SC

Deborah: “Wow! What a fun afternoon at the Magnolia Fawn Rescue’s Open House! Thank you, Connie, for inviting me to play my harp in the barn during this event. I enjoyed meeting so many nice people, other vendors, and of course all the adorable deer! And a special thanks to Mary for driving my harp over from the parking lot so I wouldn’t have to carry it so far!😊”

Langston Baptist Church,Clinton, SC

What a great group and discussion on the Symposium topic, “If God is good, why is there evil?” Thank you to all that came out and to those that brought all the delicious food!

Faith Baptist Church, Laurens, SC

Deborah: Thank you to the pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Laurens, William Cole, for inviting me to come and play my harp at the pastor’s meeting! It was a packed auditorium, and it was great meeting some young kids who were interested in my harp as well as meeting local pastors in the area. Keep up the good work!!

Laurens County Museum, SC

Deborah: “It was a wonderful afternoon at the Laurens County Museum! A good crowd showed up for the grand opening of the new Martha Franks display! The lecture speakers were very interesting as they shared about the life of Martha Franks and her Christian testimony. Thank you, Lynn McQueen, for inviting me to play my harp during the exhibit viewing!”

Ludington, Michigan

We had so much fun visiting our sweet Grammy in Michigan! We enjoyed playing all our instruments around our rental home’s cozy living room, and she loved to sit on the sofa soaking it all in.  We had fun playing games, eating breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and having devotions and prayer times together.

We love and pray for our sweet Grammy!