Barkers Creek Baptist Church

Thank you, Barkers Creek Baptist, for inviting our family to your church to preach and perform music. Hands down, your church was one of the friendliest congregations we have encountered. We all left feeling very blessed to have spent the evening with you.

2016-1-31 Stained Glass Window  2016-1-31 Gregory with Bible  2016-1-31 BCBC Sign with Peter, Phebe, and Susanna  2016-1-31 BCBC Priscilla, Deborah, and Luke  2016-1-31 BCBC Priscilla, Deborah, and Luke Singing  2016-1-31 BCBC KariJoy and Susanna  2016-1-31 BCBC Peter at the Piano  2016-1-31 BCBC Deborah and Phebe  2016-1-31 BCBC Bulletin  2016-1-31 Baker's Creek Church Side  2016-1-31 Baker's Creek Baptist Church