Chiquola Baptist Church

We had an amazing time at Chiquola Baptist Church this past Sunday . . . but we almost didn’t make it there!  While on the way, our van started puttering and jerking down the road.  We smelled fire and smoke, and some of the girls started screaming for Daddy to pull over!  The road we took was out in the middle of nowhere.  We prayed and prayed, and we are thankful for our parents’ wisdom to keep going.  God was definitely helping our van make it all the way to the church.  As soon as we pulled into the church parking lot, the van died.  Daddy and Peter were able to jump it, but after the service and dinner when we tried to make it out of the parking lot, it died again—half of it in the middle of the road and half in the parking lot!  So many of the men in the church quickly came out to help us.  It was so humid, and we know you all had more fun ways to spend your Sunday afternoon, so THANK YOU!!  All of you were so kind, and Novie, the youth director, even drove us all the way home in the church bus.  God is so good to keep us safe and send us help. 😊

Besides our vehicular troubles, we had a great homecoming service.  The food afterwards was incredible!  (Whoever cooked the meat did a fantastic job!!)  As always, we also enjoyed the large selection of desserts. 😊

Thank you, Chiquola, for your help and kindness on Sunday. Your church had such a sweet atmosphere. We will remember that day for a long time!

We liked the wooden Cross in the youth room
Deborah and Phebe (with her new green cast!)

Waiting for Daddy and Peter after van died again!
Daddy with your pastor, Ronnie Powell