Faith Baptist Church

What a great week we had at Faith Baptist Church in Honea Path. Thank you for inviting our family to provide music at your History of the King James Bible Seminar. We could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, and you made us feel so welcome and at home.

2016-5-23 FBC Cross 2016-5-23 FBC Exit Sign 2016-5-23 FBC Gospel Song Book 2016-5-23 FBC Peter at the Piano 2016-5-23 FBC Praise God Anyhow 2016-5-23 FBC Roman Nail 2016-5-27 Enter Sign FBC 2016-5-27 FBC Luke with Susanna, Deborah, Phebe, and Priscilla 2016-5-27 FBC Road Sign 2016-5-27 FBC Susanna, Phebe, Deborah, and Priscilla Beulah Land 2016-5-23 FBC Antique Song Booki 

2016-5-23 FBC Billy Sunday Preaching
We loved the photo on display of Billy Sunday giving a sermon! 🙂
2016-5-23 FBC Bible Page
It was fascinating to look through the antique Bibles and song books.