Five Forks Baptist Church

Rock of Ages had a wonderful time at Five Forks Baptist Church’s Night of Carols.  We are thankful for the request to sing and play.  Priscilla participated in the hand bell’s choir as well as performed a violin solo.  Peter played the organ and piano and sang carols with his sisters (Priscilla, Susanna, and Phebe) and brother (Luke).  It was a special night praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and celebrating His miraculous birth.

2015-11-21 Carols Concert Stage! 5 Forks Baptist 2015-11-29 Carols Concert Peter, Susanna, Priscilla, Phebe, and Luke 5 Forks Baptist! 2015-11-29 Handbells and Gloves @ Carols Concert! 2015-11-29 Handbells Sheet Music Carols Concert 2015-11-29 Peter @ the Organ 2015-11-29 Peter @ the Piano Carols Concert 2015-11-29 Peter, Susanna, Priscilla, Phebe, and Luke @ Carols Concert 2015-11-29 Priscilla Playing the Violin at Carols Concert! 2015-11-29 Priscilla with Violin Carols Concert @ 5 Forks 2015-11-29 Susanna, Priscilla, Phebe, Luke @ Carols Concert