Grace Baptist Church

Thank you, Grace Baptist Church, for inviting our family to your service.  The spirit there was one of the sweetest!  We are ALL looking so forward to your 4th of July celebration!

We liked your hats!
The ladies liked your calligraphy on the ladies’ room wall.

Over the week-end, the Lord was using Psalm 23 in our lives in special ways.  On Saturday, the Lord brought the chapter to Deborah’s mind when she was going through a scary experience.  She recited it aloud and felt the Lord’s Strength.  In Sunday School the next morning, unbeknownst to us beforehand, all of the adult classes were studying Psalm 23!  Afterwards, we decided to recite it as a family in the van to keep it fresh in our minds.  At your church Sunday evening, Lydia picked up a pew fan and showed us that it too had the 23rd Psalm printed on it!  What a great passage of Scripture!

Gregory with your music minister, Tim Short, and your pastor, Dale Phillips