Laurens County Billboard Controversy, Laurens, SC

The large billboard supporting LGBTQ on I-385, and paid for by AFFA, reads:  REJOICE! GOD LOVES TRANS KIDS
We stand behind Luke’s interview on Channel 7 News and his statement below.  We must pray for repentance and revival in America!

“The agenda of Alliance For Full Acceptance is in their name. They want us to accept their lifestyle, normalize their perversion, and they are trying to use God as a means to accomplish this. God does love trans people, but God hates their sin. I, too, can love them, but at the same time I will call out transgenderism and the LGBTQ agenda for what it is – because it’s wrong and evil. We cannot normalize the mutilation of kids and just accept it. There is a war going on for the souls of our children and it’s our job as parents, pastors, and community leaders to push back, stand united, and declare that we won’t allow this dangerous ideology to take a foothold in our community.”