The Greenville Place

Thanks to the Greenville Place for asking us to perform at your family night this week.  It is always a joy to be with our dear old friends.

2015-9-24 Deborah at TGP 2015-9-24 The Greenville Place Sign

New Prospect Baptist Church

Thank you so much, New Prospect Baptist Church in Laurens, SC, for having our family come and do a program for MAC!  The food was delicious and the fellowship was sweet.  The pretty fall bouquet in the wooden planter is sitting in our kitchen.  🙂  We loved the fall tree in the corner of your fellowship hall, and I couldn’t help but take a picture and put it on our website.  May the Lord bless your sweet group of believers.  We enjoyed meeting each one of you!

2015-9-21 New Prospect Baptist Deborah   2015-9-21 NPBC Fall Tree   2015-9-21 New Prospect Baptist Sign   2015-9-21 New Prospect Baptist Mama and Phebe   2015-9-21 New Prospect Baptist Invites Rock of Ages!   2015-9-21 New Prospect Baptist Church   

2015-9-21 New Prospect Baptist Children


Remembering a Dear Saint

On our home page, you will find the following clip:

A sweet saint we visit in the hospital started calling us the Rock of Ages, and the name stuck.

This sweet elderly lady went home to be with the Lord this week. The world has lost an extraordinary woman. Helen was such an inspiration to our family. We were so blessed to have known her toward the end of her life. We would visit her, read the Bible, pray, and our children would sing and play their instruments—oftentimes she’d raise her hand and direct their music. Sometimes she’d ask them to work on one of her favorite hymns to sing the next time.

We’d hope to be an encouragement to her but often walked away being so refreshed ourselves. And, wow! Did she know the Scriptures! She loved our Savior Jesus Christ, too, and often spoke about her faith. She’d quote verses and tell our children to love and honor us as their parents. She’d turn to my husband and me and bless us with her support and love. She’d inspire us in our parenting and marriage—often times in the form of catchy phrases and poems. She was precious.

When we would leave her room, she’d hold our hands and give the children the latest handshakes ending with fist bumps. She’d kiss my hand, I’d bend down and kiss hers, and she’d always tell us to hurry back and not to forget her. We’ll never forget dear sweet Helen, and I know we’ll see her again someday. Praise God for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Monaghan Baptist Church

Thank you Monaghan Baptist for having us come and do the music at your meeting this morning!  What a great group of folks. 🙂 Our family had such a good time, and the food served tasted extra good. All of the outreach programs your church is involved in are an inspiration to us.

The Rankins

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Creation Museum!

Susanna August 2015 148-003

Most of us went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky last week. The others had a blast at a Christian camp. We all had a great time! We met Ken Ham while at the Ark Encounter construction site. We also enjoyed a special music concert by Buddy Davis and a Christian illusionist show. Phebe was even picked to help him out during the show!

GS&KJ August 2015 024-001Children with Buddy Davis 2015 TCM


Gregory & KariJoy The Creation Museum 2015 Final 093


Ghana, West Africa




Peter and Priscilla had the opportunity to go to Ghana, West Africa on a missions trip last summer. Peter brought his accordion, and Priscilla brought her violin.







They both had a wonderful time sharing the gospel and playing music in the village churches. Since the people in Ghana do not hear much music, playing music outside before a Bible club always drew a crowd. 🙂